Automatic Calls and Texts to Responders


     When someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest only minutes are available to save that life. During these precious few minutes defibrillation with an automated external defibrillator (AED) can make all the difference. That is why Heart Safe La Plata has installed Atrus™ AED Link™ at the Durango-La Plata 911 Dispatch Center. The Atrus™ National AED Registry™ is the first and only national database resource specifically designed to help improve sudden cardiac arrest survival rates by rapidly deploying publicly available AEDs and registered responders to the scenes of a cardiac emergency. The AED Link™ system automatically calls the trained responders for all AEDs located near the sudden cardiac arrest victim.
     Nationally, publicly accessible AEDs are used to help about one-half of one percent of all sudden cardiac arrest victims - typically only when a device is within 50 feet of the victim's location. Our local response rate is higher because of the wide distribution of AEDs and responders in La Plata County. Now, with the new partnership with ATRUS™, we expect the effective range of AED deployment to increase from 50 feet to nearly a quarter of a mile. The goal is to dramatically increase the number of times AEDs are used to near 40% of cardiac arrest incidents.
     Following a 911 call for a cardiac arrest, AED Link™ will automatically contact nearby registered responders at the same time professional rescue organizations are being dispatched. Generally the citizen responders and their AEDs will arrive several critical minutes before the ambulances and paramedics. There is no limit to the number of phone numbers we can list. All we ask is that you be CPR certified and willing to respond. To register your phone number(s) please email

Text of Automatic Calls to Responders
For those who want a voice phone call, the system will say
"Hello. This is a message from the National AED Registry. Immediately retrieve the nearest defibrillator and proceed to <Event Address Given>. A potential Sudden Cardiac Arrest has been reported at the location. Again, the address is <Event Address Given>. If you are able to respond, please press 4. If you are unable to assist, press 6. Press star to hear the address again."

For those who want a text message, the system will say
"A cardiac arrest has been reported at <Event Address Given>. Please replay with "OK" and retrieve the nearest AED if you are able to assist. Otherwise, text "NA". Link to map: <Event Address is given via link to view of Google Map>"

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