Sponsorship Program

Wanted: AED Sponsors!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims one life every 2 minutes, taking more lives each year than breast cancer, lung cancer or AIDS. Since 2003 Heart Safe La Plata has been placing AEDs all around our community. We now have 337 AEDs covering Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio, and Silverton.

Lives have been saved and many more could be.

The AEDs originally came with a five-year warranty. Many of them need to be replaced. We are asking our community for help. We are looking for companies, groups or individuals to sponsor our locations that need new AEDs. There are schools, churches, and local businesses that need your help. You may choose from our list of locations urgently needing replacement or let us select a location for you in the city of your choice.

The cost of replacing each AED is $1,250. For providing this sponsorship funding, we will indicate your donation
     with a placard at the chosen site
     your information will be listed in our biannual newsletter
     your information will be listed on our website

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donation will receive an official acknowledgment letter. Make checks payable to: Heart Safe La Plata, 142 Sheppard Dr. Durango, CO 81303. Contact any one of our Board Members or e-mail contact@heartsafelaplata.org.

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