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Another AED save!

Award Ceremony to Celebrate 8 AED Saves in 2017
Scott Sholes, Augusta Moore, Brett Sherman, Bill Koons, Doug Close, Amy Knight, Dr. David Hughes, James Lane, Barbara Lawson, Erika Sansoni, Craig Marcum, Zach Earles, Jerad Bussell, Erin Ganley, Nick Stasi, Matthew Dufva, and Cody Hawman. (Not present but also life savers were Dawn Marie Lawson, David Haralson, Chris Ziegler, Annie Trebelhorn, Michelle Martinez, and Juan Gallegos.)

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The Board of Directors of Heart Safe La Plata would like to announce the beginning of our CPR Anytime Program!


I spent this last weekend at a state meeting for school nurses. I never realized how blessed we are in this county to have Heart Safe La Plata! I heard over and over again from other nurses about the struggles they are having to get ANY AED’s in their schools. Some don’t even know where to start. I just want to say thank you to everyone involved that had the foresight, and cared enough to do this! What a gift to this community!
     Camy Kinney, R.N.
     Health Services Director
     Ignacio School District

Winner! 2009 Heart Safe Community Award, Small Community
Presented at 2009 the International Fire Chief's Association Fire-Rescue-Med Conference in Las Vegas
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Mailing Address:
     Heart Safe La Plata
     142 Sheppard Dr.
     Durango, Colorado 81303

Contact Phone Numbers:
     Lisa Garofalo at 970-799-3260 to schedule a class

or e-mail: classes@heartsafelaplata.org

E-mail: contact@heartsafelaplata.org

Our current newsletter (PDF) includes a list of placement locations

Board of Directors:
     Scott Sholes - President
     Amy Knight - Vice President
     Barbara Lawson - Secretary/Treasurer
     Kathy Morris - Member-At-Large
     Mary Rieke - Member-At-Large
     Dr. David Hughes - Medical Director

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