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Heart Safe La Plata Training Center

Quality Certifications

With the help of American Safety and Health Institute's curriculum, Heart Safe La Plata has been teaching, certifying, and supporting the Durango Fire Protection District, the La Plata County Sherriff's Department, the Durango Police Department, and other major first responders as well as many health/ safety offices, teachers, and river/outdoor guides.

Individual Classes and Fees

Registration includes both an online course followed by an in person skills class. The online portion will need to be completed prior to taking the skills session. Please register for the date in which you would like to attend the skills session.

CPR Program: Bookings

"I spent this last weekend at a state meeting for school nurses. I never realized how blessed we are in this county to have Heart Safe La Plata! I heard over and over again from other nurses about the struggles they are having to get ANY AED’s in their schools. Some don’t even know where to start. I just want to say thank you to everyone involved that had the foresight, and cared enough to do this! What a gift to this community!"

Camy Kinney, R.N., Health Services Director, Ignacio High School

"I wanted to let you know I used my CPR skills this past weekend, and the person was successfully resuscitated. It was my first experience where I was the first responder to the incident. It was amazing how calm I was, how I was able to take notice of the room and safety precautions, and provide triage/orders for people helping.
   I heard your voice guiding me as I used my skills until help came. I wanted to thank you for your training. I have been BLS certified for over 20 years. I have renewed my license online many times, but I do believe it was the actual classroom practice that gave me confidence to provide care."


My son had a 4wheeler incident yesterday. He is fine; no stitches or broken bones. But since I had just had the class, I was confident, helped stop his bleeding, thought to treat him for shock, used blankets to comfort him, dealt with bystanders & impressed my husband who is a first responder.

Rachael Latham

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