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Technology has developed a safe and effective treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). The mission of Heart Safe La Plata is to develop a system to ensure that a defibrillator reaches a victim of SCA within minutes of collapse. The only effective treatment for SCA is an electrical shock delivered by a defibrillator which shocks that heart out of a fatal rhythm, allowing a normal, healthy rhythm to resume. Time is critical because each minute of delay before defibrillation reduces the chance of survival by about 10%. Prompt use of an AED can increase the cardiac arrest survival rate from 5% to 70% or more.

The street cost of an Medtronics LifePak CR+ automatic external defibrillator (AED) can cost up to $2,300. Our group places AEDs at various locations. We have suspended paying a portion of the AED cost and now require that our placement sites bear the full cost of the AED. Currently our discounted price is $1,925 for each AED.

For each $2,100 investment you get:

  • 1 AED with a semi-hard case and First Responder Kit 

  • 6 CPR/AED Trainings and Certifications, usable within the first year ($450 value)

  • Your response phone numbers added to the Central Dispatch database

  • A Medical Director and program oversight by our board

  • Certifications and maintenance record keeping

  • Continuity of medical care for cardiac calls

  • Protection by the State of Colorado's Good Samaritan Laws.

Heart Safe La Plata's AED Program

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Heart Safe La Plata Public Access Defibrillation Program by reviewing our Policies and Procedures document. (Policies & Procedures PDF)

  2. Complete and submit an application and signed agreement. We are open to changes to the agreement if necessary to meet your requirements. (Application and Agreement PDF)

  3. HSLP Board of Directors meets monthly to approve placement locations.

  4. Heart Safe La Plata provides AED(s) to approved locations.

  5. Sites agree to train their employees and maintain their training. Currently, Heart Safe La Plata provides initial training for up to six people. Each site agrees to review their training once per year and take the recertification class every two years. (Click here for a current schedule of classes)

  6. A contact name, e-mail address and phone number and a list of responders, their e-mail addresses and phone numbers are provided by the placement location. These are recorded in the Heart Safe La Plata database and the Community AED Registry. 

  7. Each placement location prepares and submits an Emergency Response Plan. (Sample Emergency Response Plan PDF)

  8. Following an AED use, fill out a Patient Care Report and contact Heart Safe La Plata. We will pick up the AED, download the recorded information, and return the AED ready for use at our expense. (Patient Care Report PDF)

  9. The AED shall be checked for readiness at least once every 30 days and the records of these periodic checks will be submitted to Heart Safe La Plata via the website at Monthly AED Checklist.

  10. Heart Safe La Plata retains ownership of AEDs purchased using any portion of Heart Safe La Plata funds, whether generated through donations and/or grants or other programs and reserves the right to remove any such AEDs for non-compliance with the above requirements for placement.

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